I became consciously aware of the existence of mandalas in infinite numbers in my everyday life relatively recently, and now everywhere I look I see mandalas! I had been drawn to circular motives in my art for some time, and was inspired especially by the shape of the water molecules for some of my jewelry pieces. I knew that Carl Jung studied mandalas and used them as a technique in his therapeutic practice.  However, it wasn’t until I started researching for materials for my workshops (see Workshops and Classes) and took a class in watercolor mandalas taught by Michele Faia in Capitola, that I personally experienced their strong healing and meditative power. I love the process of meditation, drawing, and coloring them in watercolor!                       Sometimes the meditation right before the start or after the completion of a mandala leads to some expressed words, either in poetry or prose.  The following is something I wrote after meditating on the first image below, The Wheel of Life.                               

The Wheel of Life turning                                                                                       

And with each turn a new moment is born                                                           

And with every moment, a new me.                                                                     

Clarity giving way to ambiguity                                                                             

And the cycle reversing itself to clarity again.                                                     

Life's joys and challenges playing hide and seek with each other                     

And giving my soul a good exercise!                                                                                                                            

The confusion subsides                                                                                   

And everything is centered again                                                                 

Only oneness                                                                                                   

That which is                                                                                                     

That from which emanates all                                                                         

And all dancing together in harmony                                                           


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